Rural Mission

Rural Mission, Inc. was chartered in 1969 as an inter-denominational, non-profit organization to foster, promote and administer to the spiritual, social, educational, medical and housing requirements of the rural people of the sea islands of coastal South Carolina. Through programs that improve housing and provide food and family services to those who otherwise couldn’t afford them, we work to restore the foundation of our community. We’re strengthened by our volunteers, community leaders, donors and neighbors. IMG_4513

We have been taking a work team down there for the past three years and found it to be a great experience. The facilities are very good and the proximity to Chapin allows people to participate a partial week if their schedule won’t permit a full week. Rural Missions enables us to help those less fortunate while experiencing Christian fellowship with other members of our church or community.

Location: John’s Island, SC

Dates: February 19 – 24, 2017

Age Group: Adults

Projects: Construction and Spiritual Outreach

Cost: $100.00

Contact: John Nesbitt:



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