Won by One to Jamaica

For almost three decades, Won By One To Jamaica has been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the beautiful people of Jamaica. Ministering in Harmons, Jamaica is NOT like anything you might see on the travel brochures. Harmons is located almost 4 hours deep into the beautiful mountain interior of Jamaica. Winding through mountain passes and through villages that are set back in time, “Won By One” returns more than 30 times per year to the same general location, building homes on mountain ledges, providing love and care to children and their families through the schools, and using every day moments to share the gospel.

Won by Won in Jamica

What can I expect?

A typical group of 20-25 will build 2 houses and lay 2 foundations during their week-long stay. The Chapin UMC Team also bring along a medical team where more than 800 people will receive medical attention…in a country where medical insurance does not exist for most of the population. After a long, hard day in the field, working side by side with the Jamaican family who will receive the home, the group then spends its evening in the community playing games, mingling, dancing, and sharing smoothies and ice cream. The week is highly relational, with many growing life long bonds and return visits.Dumperman and Bucketman

The investment in Harmon is eternal. With 90% unemployment rate, Won By One bridges cultures and brings hope where there is very little. The week is life changing for everyone, especially those who “GO”. Join us in October 2015 as we return to old friends and make new ones in Harmon, Jamaica!

Location: Harmons, Jamaica

Dates: November, 2017

Age Group: Adults

Projects: Home Construction & Relationship Evangelism

Cost: $1250.00

Contact: Rick Faulkner  rick@chapinumc.com



Schoolkids 2011.1 Mike2 2011 - Copy Chaplain 2011 - Copy

IMG_1440 stucco


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