Mission of Hope Haiti

In 1997, Brad Johnson, Bob & Sharon’s son, and his wife Vanessa went to Haiti on a week-long trip to serve the people there. While serving, they watched an 18 month old baby die as her father held her on their way to a clinic. They learned the baby had starved to death from the parents not having any food. This moment was etched in their mind forever and they could not escape the image of the grieving parents as they mourned the loss of their daughter. A year later, Brad and Vanessa moved full time to Haiti to begin work on the Mission of Hope Haiti property. 635538906171293617-IMG-7202

Officially founded in 1998, Mission of Hope has since grown from a small mission located on barren piece of land, to a fruitful organization that now houses an onsite orphanage, medical facility, school, and church. Through partnerships, the Mission also serves outside of its property by helping other orphanages, churches, and schools throughout the country. Every year, Mission of Hope hosts thousands of Mission Trip participants from around the world at our two campuses. They participate in bringing life transformation to every man, woman, and child in Haiti, while personally experiencing God’s transformation in their own lives, and taking that vision back to their own spheres of influence. Whether you are an individual or a person looking to lead a team, serving with MOH in Haiti is a great way to be a part of what God is doing!

IMG_5156“This trip will absolutely change you. You will be out of your element and you will be uncomfortable, but God will wreck you for the ordinary. The uncomfortable will become comfortable and everything you thought you couldn’t live without becomes forgotten.
You’ll learn how to love like Christ calls us to, unconditionally and eternally. In Haiti, you’ll experience true joy. It surrounds you daily and it will seep into your heart like never before. You’ll visit a country that is broken, one that is hurting and one that is misunderstood and mistreated, and you will fall in love. It isn’t the forests, the beaches or the incredible wildlife that makes this country so beautiful, it is the hearts of the people who inhabit it. It is the trip of a lifetime – it will change your life and bring you closer to God than you could ever imagine.Carolina Fowler


What can I expect?DORM

After you land in Haiti, you will ride on a bus for about an hour to the Mission of Hope campus where you’ll stay and eat your meals. You’ll experience the culture shock of a lifetime. It’s hard to understand that everything you’re seeing is real. The first full day will be filled with a tour of both campuses ending with the most incredible church service you will ever experience.IMG_5153The Haitians’ joy and pure love for Christ bounces off of the walls and pulses through your heart. The next 4 days will be split into 2 work days, and 2 village days. For the work days you’ll be doing a range of things from painting houses, planting trees or working on the compound packaging food for the families of Haiti. Every job is meaningful and changes Haiti in God’s name. The village days are all very different. There are many villages surrounding the compound and all around the area, so a short bus ride will take you to whichever was chosen for you to go that day. The day will be spent ministering and talking to people. Children of all ages will latch on to you and follow the group around all day, soaking up the experience that you will bring them. The last full day will be spent as a day off enjoying Haiti’s beautiful beaches.

Location: Haiti

Dates: July 1 – 8, 2017

Age Group: High School and Adults

Projects: Light construction and Spiritual Outreach

Cost: $1400.00

Contact: Emily Wheaton  emily@chapinumc.com



IMG_5158    IMG_5160

IMG_5154 IMG_5155



IMG_5163   tent cities


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