Lead 222 Cabo, Mexico (Men’s Trip)

Lead 222‘s mission is to build a Coaching community of student ministry leaders who sharpen each other in personal character and professional skills (Proverbs 27:17) to build a Coaching community…. experienced veteran mentors who care for one another and do life together of student ministry leaders… who are passionate about middle school, high school and college aged students that sharpen each other… leaders who are involved in an intentional Proverbs 27:17 relationship in personal character… leaders living by example with integrity in all areas of their lives and professional skills… best practices and leadership training to become the most effective youth leader that God has called you to be.

The goal of Lead 222’s focus is actually very clear—to help people to become more like Jesus. Scripture says that what matters most in spiritual transformation is not amazing knowledge or performance measures—but true inner change. Our Coaching goal is to help youth leaders transform at a significant and deep level, so that what comes out of them, without even trying, is good fruit. Christ-like character, full of love for God and love for others.

Join Chapin UMC and Lead 222 on this unique trip designed to develop your passion for mentoring and hone your leadership skills while helping the people of Cabo, Mexico recover from Hurricane Odile.

“The men’s lifetime trip was exactly what our church needed to help get our mentor ministry off the ground and running. It was great to serve alongside other men, both from our church and others, with the same vision and to learn what it means to live in the Be With Constellation.” Tim Walker

Location: Cabo, MexicoOdile3.jpegpng

Dates: February 11 – 18, 2017

Age Group: Adult Men (18+)

Projects: Construction & Spiritual Outreach

Cost: $1500.00

Contact: Donnie Durant –




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