Faithful Servant Missions Costa Rica – VBS Week

Faithful Servant Missions in Costa Rica serves as a Christian Community Center to the Bajo Tejares district of San Ramon. This very poor community of displaced Nicaraguans and Costa Ricans is rife with poverty, drugs, violence and despair. Serving this community by providing a wide range of educational, recreational and spiritual opportunities for both children and adults is proving to have a major impact on their lives. Our pastor leads the mission church and ministry activities for all ages which are dedicated to proclaiming God’s love and grace. Over 300 children and youth, as well as over 100 adults participate at the mission. Through the fruits of Christ’s love, the cycle of poverty and despair is slowly being broken and families are beginning to look to the future with hope.

Chapin UMC has sent short-term mission teams to Costa Rica every year since 2010. P1510088_zps632cc1b4For this reason, many CUMC members have developed deep relationships with the children and teenagers of Bajo Tejares, and the staff at the mission. Many members currently sponsor children or teens at the mission and have personal relationships with them formed during a single or multiple visits.

What can I expect?

You will fly into San Jose, Costa Rica and take a one hour bus ride to the Faithful Servant Missions in Bajo Tejares. The Mission houses the school and worship center as well as the dormitory for short term missionaries.  P1510378_zpsd37a01f4The VBS Week focuses on the children at the mission age 11 and under, and includes a five day Bible school program. Both weeks offer small construction project opportunities, particularly the youth week. These trips are ideal for adults, teenagers, or families with children at least 10 years of age.

Emma 26

Location: San Ramon, Costa Rica

Dates: July 1 – July 19, 2017

Age Group: 10 years and older + Adults

Projects: Bible school, light construction, home repair, & Spiritual Outreach

Cost: $1200.00

Contact: John and Carson Chitty –




DSC01612  P1510002_zps477236ea

P1510026_zps2e0a84bd   DSC01972 DSC02124   DSC01964 DSC01509

DSC01638   DSCF0995_zps829a757f


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