Casas por Christo Dominican Republic

Its tropical climate and white sand beaches house some of the world’s most luxurious vacation destinations. While the Dominican’s $1 billion tourist industry may give the appearance of a thriving nation, the stark reality is that 40% of Dominicans live in poverty, surviving on less than $1.50 a day, and the unemployment rate stands at a daunting 60%. Families are left in desperation struggling to pay for food, safe drinking water, and adequate housing. Many families have to choose whether or not to put the majority of their income into housing, knowing that there will only be pennies left to provide other basic necessities. Heartrendingly, some families are forced to sell their children into slavery in order to survive. The human trafficking industry in the Dominican is a $9.5 billion a year industry. dr-casas

In just one week, your team will transform an otherwise empty lot into a safe and secure home – complete with cement foundation, electricity, windows and doors. As a result of this experience, each family receives a tangible symbol of the faithfulness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ. As a volunteer, you gain prospective on the extreme poverty that exists in our word. The families you serve gain a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives and His deep desire to take care of their needs.

What can I expect?

Groups can be 10-20 people who will build a single or double-room home during the week.

At each stage of construction –  laying the foundation, building the walls, putting on the roof -you become more a part of this family and their new home. Juarez ChildrenThey no longer get wet at night when it rains, their belongings can be secured and they are in a much healthier and safer home. The families are always amazed to see a group of Americans building their home just because they love them and they love Jesus Christ. Participants for this mission do not require any special talents, just the desire to serve, learn some new things, grow your faith, and see the world through another set of eyes. You will develop wonderful relationships with your fellow team members and missionaries from Casas por Cristos as you work together to build a home.


Location: Santiago, Dominican Republic

Dates: October, 2017

Age Group: Adults

Projects: House Construction & Spiritual Outreach

Cost: $1300.00

Contact: Jan Mayo –



I Juarez House Transformation   B Juarez House Foundation

C Juarez House Walls   Juarez Children A

D Juarez Drywall  F Juarez House Stucco

G Juarez Completed House


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