Summertime is not “Slow Down” time!

The term “summer slump” is used in church circles to describe the after school, summertime period where ministry slows down to a crawl.  Of course, this means family’s are enjoying their much deserved vacations…kids are going to their various camps…and churches all over are running their summer Vacation Bible School programs.  That sounds typical doesn’t it?

But at Chapin UMC, nothing is “typical”, and the summer slump is nowhere to be seen!  Yes, we just wrapped an incredible VBS with over 300 children attending and hearing the gospel in a super hero setting.  Yes, many of our families are on the road enjoying time to rest and rejuvenate.  But no slumps here, especially as it pertains to  missions.

Our church will have 9 (count them) missions trip locally and globally this summer.  As this blog is being written, we have 4 groups on the mission field…one in Tennessee, one at Salkehatchie…one in Managua, Nicaragua…and one in Cabo, Mexico.  We will be sending people to Haiti, Costa Rica, and Orlando before the summer ends.  We do this because our larger vision is to Connect people to the saving love…the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.  And THAT transcends summer slumps!

Stay tuned for more as these groups return and share their wonderful stories of how God used them to change lives…and how God used the trip itself to change THEIR lives!  This is turning out to be the best.  summer.  ever.

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