Why Do We “Send Forth?”

This coming Sunday, February 5th, CUMC will have a time during our worship services where all of the individuals participating in upcoming Missions Trips between February and April will be invited to come forward and be prayed for. We do this 3-4 times per year and we call it a “Sending Forth” ceremony. We are compelled to bring these folks front and center on a Sunday morning for several reasons:

First, it accentuates CUMC’s commitment to missions. Part of our vision is that 3,000 people would be involved in intentional, missional living be either GOING on trips; or SENDING others on trips; or by PRAYING for these trips. To have a dedicated time on a Sunday morning simply highlights our passion to awaken the spirit of missions within our people.

Second, it honors the people who are going. Great sacrifices are made by the many people who are at that altar being prayed for. Financially these trips are not inexpensive. Many of the adults are giving up vacation time to go on one of these trips rather than save that time for a “vacation”. And all of the individuals who go have spent countless hours preparing and praying for this very moment. It really is a big deal.gic2017c-3

Third, this is an act of worship. When we acknowledge those who are going in a corporate setting, we are giving glory to the One who inspired and challenged those folks to go. God is pleased by the commitment, He is glorified by the action, and we praise Him for sending them!

If you have not experienced the incredible thrill of participating in a missions trip (local or global), I urge you to seriously consider doing so in 2017. CUMC has 14 different trips this calendar year. I promise you won’t be the same person afterwards!

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